Friday, January 12, 2018

PSA Regarding Gear Reviews

Hey everyone!

One of the great things about this blog: it puts me in touch with many clarinetists around the globe. I get emails from all sorts--professionals, amateurs, beginners, advanced players. I like being in touch with all of you. Having said that, here are some things you ought to know:

1. My gear reviews are not endorsements. I currently have no endorsement deal with any clarinet maker, shop, company, or person. Other than my reeds, I do not play on any contemporary equipment: all of my clarinets are vintage, and none of the models I play are currently in production.

2. I cannot and will not advise anyone regarding internet purchases. Please do not email me to ask whether you should buy a certain instrument on eBay or otherwise. There is no way I can speculate as to whether or not an instrument plays well from an advertisement, and never having heard you play. Once again, I do not officially endorse any make of clarinet, or any brand.

3. I have never given permission for my reviews or writing on this blog to be used in advertising of any kind, and have never been asked permission (despite the many times I've seen my reviews quoted on eBay and elsewhere). Caveat emptor to anyone who buys an instrument!

I'm glad so many readers like my gear reviews, and have found them helpful. My purpose in writing them has been simply to give the perspective of a professional jazz clarinetist who (in general) prefers the sound world of clarinetists prior to the 1950s. Beyond that, the best advice I can give is this: Play what works for you!

Keep swinging!


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