Saturday, November 28, 2020

Eric Seddon Interview with Simon Wyrsch

He said I was his 111th interview (that makes me eleventy-first!) Great time chatting about our instrument in jazz.  

Friday, November 20, 2020

The ICCC Jazz Clarinet Competition is OPEN

To all readers of The Jazz Clarinet, especially young professionals out of work due to the pandemic: I'm thrilled to announce the opening of the ICCC Jazz Clarinet Competition. This is a competition designed to give young pro jazz clarinetists a chance to show their skills and advance their careers despite this difficult set of circumstances we're in. There are some great prizes and major backers. I'm on the panel of judges, and honored to have one of my compositions presented as an option for contestants. The tune is called 'Euclid Avenue Jump' and gives players a chance to really show some technique and soul in a fast jump blues.

If you know a young professional jazz clarinetist who is out of work, PLEASE encourage them to take part in this competition.

Thank you to the organizers, the stellar panel of fellow judges, and to all you future participants. Let's promote our music, our instrument, and the finest young players out there!!

For further information, check out the competition website.