Monday, February 27, 2017

'St James Infirmary' at ChamberFest Cleveland * February 27, 2017

Here's a clip of my solo from "St James Infirmary" last Saturday night at ChamberFest Cleveland's annual gala. The fine musicians with me are Phil Anderson on keyboard, Kip Reed on bass, Anthony Taddeo on drums, and Dan Wilson on guitar.


Lisa and da boys said...

Wonderful solo. Full, rich tones on all levels. Is this your Selmer Centered Tone? Man, I need a new horn. I have a Yamaha Custom AE but the altissimo does not deliver any in the jazz dept.

Eric Seddon said...

Thanks LADB!

Yes, this is my 1955 Q-series Selmer Centered Tone. This horn is just a perfect fit for me, for some reason. I own other instruments that have certain things about them that I really like...but I always come back to the Q. Glad you like it!